The Waves are back for the second year with a diversified line up.
Come witness the Waves again with in Central Park in July!



When the night has come, the bonfire is bursting, the breeze is softly sweeping through treetops, and the smoke is spiraling with the wind. You don’t need the clamorous music at such peaceful moment, the only thing you need it tranquility. He, Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, comes from an ancient Pinuyumayan tribe where mountain meets ocean. He is a singer with an immemorial voice hiding in his young shell. Let Sangpuy’s unique voice bring you back to the origin, and cure your soul.

Dadado Hunag

Dadado Huang is a singer-song writer based in Taiwan. He released his first album in 2007. “Shangrila” is his most famous song, and is well-loved by fans, as it is a comforter for people who have experienced confusing situations. After releasing 4 full-length albums and holding hundreds of performances, Dadado Huang held a great concert at TICC (Taipei International Convention Center) for over 2500 people. Dadado Huang will keep working on creating more and more touching songs.

Berry j

Berry j is a singer and songwriter from Taiwan. Although she had only released three albums since 1998, her touching songs and natural music style made her a pioneer in the indie-pop music industry. She is not only a singer and songwriter. After she released the last album in 2009, Berry j devoted her work on music production, and also formed a band “Over the Hill” with her friends. Even if Berry j and Over the hill had only a few shows in recent years, people did not forget her music and wait for her new songs and performances.

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Fire EX.

Taiwan’s representative Punk Rock Band – Fire EX. Fire EX. is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The band was established in 2000. It consists of lead vocalist Sam, guitarist Orio, bassist Jc, who were classmates in high school; drummer Ti Wu joined them in 2012, and completed the band. As of today, they have released four full length albums and many singles; Fire EX. combines the base tones of punk rock withlyrics reflecting current times and real-life, striking a chord with those who readily identify with their songs. Popular tracks, such as ‘Good Night! Formosa!’, ‘A Man on the Sea’, and ‘Island’s Sunrise’, have made Fire EX. the representative punk rock band of modern times, and earning them the name of ‘The Taiwan People’s Music Band’.



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2017 Jul. 29 Sat. 6-10PM

Central Park, NYC



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